Car Mileage Calculator App

The Car Indicator App better known as the car mileage calculator app is packed with different functionalities and features and a responsive interface that enable you to keep track of your car's performance.

Once the details are fed into this fuel mileage calculator, the mileage is calculated accordingly. The details include the amount of fuel (petrol or diesel) filled in the tank, the kilometers that the car has covered, and the kilometers the car has yet to cover ahead.

With the due course of time, based on the information fed, a graph gives you the overall performance across a particular period. This graph can be imported from the car mileage calculator into an excel spreadsheet that can be saved for future records. This will help you decide whether a car servicing is needed for efficient and optimum performance.

Moreover, as you are driving the car, the 'Petrol Pump in India' option aids you to find the nearest petrol pump through the GPS (global positioning system). You no longer need to worry about the liters of fuel left in the tank.

Best mileage app can be installed free on iphone and Android.